Downloading CyBC Music

How To Download and Play Your New Canta y Baila Conmigo® Music!

Option #1 - Dropcard: Download To Your Mac or PC

This is the colorful card attached to the inside back cover of your book. Use this code to download music to your computer, then add to iTunes, Google Play, or your favorite MP3 player.

1. Go to the URL printed on the back of the Dropcard (For example,

2. Enter your unique code at the prompt

3. Find your music in the DOWNLOADS folder of your computer

Once the songs have been downloaded onto your computer, follow the instructions for your particular music player. Here are instructions for two of the most popular options:  


To add music from your computer into iTunes, do either of the following:

1. Drag a file or folder from the desktop to the iTunes window. If you add a folder, all the files it contains are added to your library.


2. In iTunes, choose File > Add to Library or Add Folder to Library, locate a file or folder, then click Open.

Google Play

To upload your music from your PC to Google Play:

1. Login to Google Play and select "Music" on the left pane.

2. Select "My Music" in the left pane.

3. Select "Add music" button in the upper-right corner.

4. Drag any music files you wish to copy over to window. Alternately, you could choose "Select from your computer" to browse to the file(s).

The files will then upload to Google Play and be available to download or play from the Google Play Music web page or app on your Android device.


Option 2 - Bandcamp Code: Stream Music on your Phone or Tablet

Opening a Bandcamp account is free, and so is their excellent app for streaming your music on your phone and other mobile devices. Follow these steps to start streaming:

1. Go to the CyBC Bandcamp page:

2. Enter your unique code. You will be prompted to enter your Bandcamp login info or create a new account.

3. You can listen to your music by logging into your account at and looking under your "collection"

4. To stream on your mobile device, simply download the free Bandcamp app. Log on to your account and you will see all your music by pressing the heart-shaped icon at the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: You also have access to a download from your Bandcamp code. Press the Download link at the time you redeem your code, or under the picture of your album once inside Then follow the instructions above to play through your preferred MP3 player.