"I am a mother of two children, Virginia (3 years) and James (12 months). I enrolled both my daughter and my son at Music Together® at St Luke's when they were 6 months. they absolutely adored the class. I could see how much they had learned by the end of each semester. The teachers were wonderful and had fantastic voices so I looked forward to the classes as well. My 3 year old daughter still enjoys going to class with her 12 month old brother. There is something for everyone!" - The Sullivan Family, West Village, NYC

"My kids have been in Music Together classes since they could sit up. My daughter has progressed from vocalizing and bopping along to the beat singing full songs with hand gestures. With two kids under 3 years old it is not easy to find a moment, let alone an hour, where both children are entertained and engaged. The teachers are wonderful at meeting that challenge with enthusiasm and bringing out the little musicians in both of my babies." - The McAndrew Family, West Village, NYC

"Emma is taking her second Music Together class at St Luke's. She really loves it and her growth has really become apparent. In fact, as I write this, we are listening to the 'Hello' song (her favorite) and she is singing along. This morning while Emma was watching 'Dora the Explorer' I went on your website to register her for the spring semester. Normally, whenever 'Dora' is on, Emma is comatose. She hears and sees nothing and nobody else. However, when I went to your site and the 'Hello' song started to play, she turned around and came over to "watch" the computer, sing along, and dance. When the song was over, she yelled "Again!" She really loved her music class and has grown so much, especially this semester. She sings and dances around all the time!" - The Brill Family, West Village, NYC

"Soraya is 15 months old and has been in Music Together since she was 4 months old. She lights up to every song, dances from head to toe and even says "la la la" to songs now. Beyond her enjoyment before, during and after class (especially on long distance trips with their amazing CDs) there is the incredibly thoughtful selection of songs that cover the world of music; from sound, rhythm to culture and even languages. My husband and my family enjoy listening to the songs (on long distance trips!) and yet baby Soraya is right there with us. From the pitch, tone, to simplified lyrics with complex sounds. From Latin, to far east, to folk music, and more. I actually run a musical theater program for children 7 and older and I recommend all parents consider the early childhood development of their child with Music Together classes. Lastly, although in Manhattan there are plenty of offerings for toddlers, I did enroll in another toddler program over the summer, and was so disappointed to hear the same guy, singing basically the same song, to the same guitar and drums (yet very popular). I then realized their popularity was mostly because adult caretakers loved the music for themselves, but what a missed opportunity to actually teach your child about world music and about tone and sound production, while still having great fun. " - The Mansuri Family, Chelsea, NYC

"My family first discovered Music Together in 2012 when I was looking for classes for my 2 1/2 year old son. He had aged out of so many of the classes he was doing and yet I wasn't ready for him to go to school. Music Together was the perfect find since they believe in mixed ages learning, playing, and making music together. He loved the music , the instruments, the dancing... all of it. It amazed me how this class captured the attention of kids from birth right up to where my son was. And we kept going. We couldn't wait to find what the next session's musical offering would be. And then my daughter was born and she started coming with us. She loved it as much as he did. I'll never forget the class when I asked my then 3 1/2 year old son who he wanted to cuddle with at the end of class (convinced that of course it would be me) and he said "her" and pointed to his 9 month old sister. That was one of the most touching moments I've experienced as a mother. Now my son is 4 and my daughter is a little over 1. It's fantastic having a class that I can take them to together that is age appropriate for both and that they both love. My only regret? Not discovering Music Together earlier." - The Browning Family, West Village, NYC

"Music Together has been a staple of Zach's schedule since he was only a few months old. Even though he can be shy, the class brings him right out of his shell. He loved getting to play with all of the instruments, and every week he comes home with a huge smile on his face." - West Village Family, NYC

"After one semester at Music Together, Eva (14 months) is singing along already! Whenever she hears the "ba! ba ba ba ba!" song, she "ba ba!"s right along. She also learned to click her tongue, mimicking one of the musical instruments. She often wakes up singing, her first request each morning is music (she claps her hands and looks at me expectantly waiting for me to burst into song!). I'm really happy we chose to have her attend Music Together." - Soho Family, NYC

"Emma sings in the stroller, she sings in the car, she sings in the bathtub, and in bed before going to sleep. She sings during breakfast and she sings over dinner. She sings to her dolls (Music Class!) and she sings to her friends. And even if she won't sing during class, there is little to worry. She'll sing as soon as class ends!" - The Dorobantu Family, West Village, NYC